Pietraszko’s Cave is a short story from the series Incredible Adventures of Beta and Bit.

Who are Beta and Bit?

They are brother and sister who constantly get into troubles. However, thanks to Bit’s hacking skills and Beta’s mathematical talent, they always manage to wriggle out of the difficulties.

Methods used by Beta and Bit are not fanciful creations of the authors – they are real tools employed by real data analysts. In this story Beta and Bit are going to use linear regression. The epilogue contains more information about that particular method.

This story was written by Magda Chudzian (plot) and Przemysław Biecek (statistics and design). Illustrations were created by Klaudia Korniluk. Translation into English was prepared by Katarzyna Pap, translation into Russian was prepared by Andrei Shpakov. The story was published by Foundation

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