2013-now, Adiunkt @ ICM UW
2008-2013, Adiunkt @ MIM UW
2010-2011, R-evangelist @ MINI PW
2007-2008, Adiunkt @ IM PAN
2007-2008, Adiunkt @ smORFland UWr

TAAC, IBM, OECD, Positive Advisory, NuTech, Bone Vitae, others

2013, habilitation in bio- and medical statistics @ IBIB PAN
2003-2007, PhD in Statistics @ PWr
1998-2003, MSc in Mathematics @ PWr
1998-2003, MSc in Software Engineering @ PWr

[from pubmed], [from scopus].

Interested in
Data visualisation, storytelling with data, data science,
Statistics in genetics: QTL mapping, classification and clustering with expression or SNP microarray data,
Statistics in medicine: models for longitudinal data, Bayesian networks,
Bioinformatics: searching for gene regulators, DNA sequence mining, Penna model for species evolution,
Data engineering: semi-supervised learning, belief based clustering, multiple hypothesis testing with hierarchical relations.
dr hab. inż. Przemysław Biecek Przemyslaw[dot]Biecek[@]gmail[dot]com

Przewodnik po pakiecie R (eng: Mastering R) [first edition], [second edition]
Analiza danych z programem R. Modele liniowe z efektami stałymi, losowymi i mieszanymi (eng: Linear and mixed models with R) [first edition]
Na przelaj przez Data Mining z pakietem R [open source book]

R packages
PISAtools, PISA2000 - PISA2009: datasets and functions related to PISA study, [github]
bgmm: semi-supervised mixture gaussian modeling, [CRAN]
ddst: Data driven smooth test, [CRAN]
PBImisc: miscellaneous, [CRAN]

Other software
[Enigma simulator], [pdf], [Zegar odwracajacy], [The R movie], [Augur] statistical oracle.

Polish R User Group (WZUR)
[Warsaw 2012], [Warsaw 2011], [Wroclaw 2010], [Warsaw 2009], [Wroclaw 2008]

Data, reports, visualisations seen from the perspective of applied statistician.

Thesis advisor
[Pracownia Analiz Statystycznych i Konsultingu] (eng: Data analysis workgroup),
[bio-med], [finance], [data engineering]

Mastering R [2010/2011], [2011/2012],
R in Hasselt [2011/2012]
Mastering R and SAS [2010/2011]
Linear and mixed models [2010/2011]
Data visualization techniques [2009/2010]
Advances in statistical testing [2009/2010]
Statistics in medicine [2008/2009], [2009/2010]
Statistics I [2008/2009], [2009/2010]
Statistics II [2008/2009]
Introduction to data analysis with R [2006/2007], [2007/2008]

[selected photos from vacations], [favorite poems], [favorite citations], [haiku], [souvenir from Wroclaw], [webdesigner/webdeveloper Michal Juszczyk]